Cedarwood School

Foundation Years: 8.00am – 1.30pm
Primary Years: 8.00am – 2.00pm

Children are expected to be in school before the start of school in order to put their bags and lunch boxes away before the first lesson starts.

The school gates are closed to vehicles at 7.50am.

Late coming is not tolerated and as such should be avoided. The school gates will not be open to children who come after 7.50am. Children should be picked up on time to avoid being penalised for late pick up. Anyone picking up a child must do so with the pick-up card as no child will be released without the card.


  • If a child is going to be late or absent from school for any reason, the school should be notified as soon as possible.
  • Children who are going away for a long period are expected to pay their school fees in full to retain their slot in the class. Failure to do so will mean giving up their slot and will be treated as new admission to the school which will be subject to availability of space.
  • There is no refund/reduction of tuition fee for absences from school.




                      SEPTEMBER 2017 ( WEEKS 1-3)
Monday ,Sep.11th 2017 Sure start & Induction evening(4pm)
Wednesday,Sep.13th 2017 Pupils resume
Friday, Sep.15th 2017 EYFS Phonics workshop
Monday ,Sep.18th 2017 ·       Accolade Assemble

·        Club activities starts

·       Reading and comprehension age assessment.

Tuesday, 19th Baseline Assessment
Wednesday,Sep.20Th 2017 Year 6 Parent forum
Saturday,Sep.22nd 2017 Parents Seminar/Yr 5 forum
                     OCTOBER 2017 ( WEEKS 4-8)
Monday, Oct.2nd 2017 Public holiday
Tuesday, Oct.3rd 2017 CA 1
Wednesday, Oct.4th 2017 Independent day celebration
Monday, Oct.16th 2017 World food day
Thursday,Oct.19th & Friday,  Oct.20th 2017 CA 2
Monday ,Oct.23rd –Friday, Oct. 27th 2017 HALF TERM BREAK
                  NOVEMBER 2017( WEEKS 8-12)
Saturday, Nov.11th   2017 Parent Teachers Conference /Open day
Wednesday, Nov.15th Yrs 1-3 Creative outdoor activities
Thursday , Nov.16th Yrs 4-6  Creative outdoor activities
Friday , Nov.17th ·       Maths Quiz( Yrs 3&4, 5&6)

·       End of club activities

              DECEMBER 2017( WEEKS 12-14)
Wednesday,Dec.6th –Friday ,Dec.8th 2017 CA 3
Friday,Dec.15th 2017 In house Christmas carol& class party /Pupils Close
Tuesday,Dec.19th 2017 Collection of reports