Our Policies


• Homework should be done and submitted as at when due.
• Homework should be duly checked and supervised.
• Homework diaries must be signed by parents daily.
• School books and worksheet sent home are to be returned in the condition in which they were received.
• Pupils in keystages 1 and 2 are expected to have their own stationery. Borrowing is not allowed as this can cause distraction/disruption.
• Pupils in keystages 1 and 2 are assessed three times every term. The first and second continuous assessments (CA1 and CA2) are short tests/quizzes; while the third assessments (CA3) is the major assessments for the term. Timetables for all CAs are sent home as at when due.
• At the end of term three (Trinity term) at least an average of 60% is required for a child to move to the next grade level.
• No child is allowed to write his/her assessment before the set date or longer than a week after the set date to avoid compromising the sanctity of the assessments.


• Any pupil who checks out a book is responsible for the return.
• Pupils are allowed to borrow only a book at a time.
• Books should be returned as at when due.
• A penalty of N200 (to be reviewed as necessary) per day is charged for any late return.
• Pupils will be made to pay for any book not returned or damaged.
• Books should be taken in and out of the library using the library bag.

Library Opening Times
Our library is open from 8:00am to 3.00 pm. The facilities are open to all our children when accompanied by their class teacher. The children will be able to return and borrow books, and parents will be able to borrow games on behalf of their child(ren).


• Pupils’ possessions (including uniforms) should be labelled and easily identifiable.
• Toys and game boys are not allowed.
• Mobile phones are not allowed.
• If any school property is damaged or destroyed by any child, he/she will be made to pay for the repairs or replacement.


• Immunization records must be provided on enrolment.
• Children who are ill or have a contagious disease are not allowed in school until they are certified fit.
• If a child becomes ill in school and is assessed by the health officer as too ill to remain in school, parents will be notified immediately.
• Any medication that needs to be given to any child during school hours should be submitted to the class teacher with appropriate instructions.

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