Our Code of Conduct

At Cedarwood School, our actions and transactions are guided strictly by the principles of Respect, Honesty, and Integrity as stated below:

  • All pupils and parents are treated fairly without any form of bias.
  • All pupils are taught to show respect and courtesy in their relationship with adults; and to show respect in dealing with one another.
  • All pupils are given equal opportunities to showcase their talents during school events and in roles that they are adjudged to be fit for.
  • All persons; pupils, parents and staff members are treated with utmost respect.
  • Talking down on or shouting at anyone is NOT allowed.
  • All parents are expected to conduct their business with the school and the staff with respect for the staff and the school authorities.
  • Everyone is allowed to respectfully express their opinions or grievance to the appropriate authorities.
  • Confidentiality of information will be maintained as appropriate.
  • The exchange of gifts, and favour between staff and parents is NOT allowed, except if such is approved by the school authorities.
  • Please direct all complaints to the school Management. For serious concerns that are deemed not properly addressed by the Management or complaints about the Management team, please send such to our most confidential email box (feedback@cedarwoodschoolng.com) which is managed by an external party.
    Also download Pupils Code of Conduct here