Welcome to the Early Years at Cedarwood School!

Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) (12 months – 5 years) You are welcome to the Early Years at Cedarwood School! It is our desire to make this a pleasant and stimulating experience which will enhance successful learning and inspire within your children an enthusiasm for discovery.

We are fully aware that this can be a time full of anxiety for both parents and children alike and sincerely hope that the information that we provide here will provide you with useful insight that will put both parties at ease. It has become an established fact children learn more between the ages of 0-5 years and thus these years are very crucial in a child’s life as this is the stage where ideas and attitudes are laid down in their lives which, will have a profound effect on their approach to learning.

At Cedarwood School we ensure that your child is not only provided with a secure first class learning environment but also one where s/he feels valued, secure and safe. Our curriculum is designed to challenge, inspire and allow children to be successful. In addition, we provide a great support to the experience by having highly qualified and experienced staff who assist and encourage your children in all areas of development.

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