Overview of Pooh Bear

This is the very first class in Cedarwood School. Pooh Bear class is a playgroup class where lifelong learnings begin for children from 12 months. They are exposed to varieties of opportunities to develop social, emotional and language skills through creative and constructive play.

Overview of Barney

This is the first class in the Foundation Stage for children ages 2+. Children in this class learn by doing practical activities and exploring their environments.

Mickey Overview

Mickey class is the second class in the Foundation Stage.Children ages 3 -4 years make up this class.The children follow an educational programme that is divided into six areas of learning:-
- Personal, social and emotional development - Communication, language and literacy
- Mathematical development
- Knowledge and Understanding of the World
- Physical development
- Creative development
Through these learning experiences, they learn about the social world of people, their own bodies, movement, language, games and rules

Reception Overview

The Reception class wraps up the Foundation Stage and lays the groundwork for the statutory Primary curriculum.
The children are continuously exposed to a variety of activities that will help them develop emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually.
They continue to broaden their knowledge and explore their creativity through topic-based activities which are firmly rooted in direct experience.

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