It is the policy of CEDARWOOD SCHOOL to admit all children without regard to race, colour or national origin.



1. An application form must be purchased for a non-refundable fee.
2. Acquire admission form. Hard copies are available from the admission office at the cost of N 10,000 only.

    Pooh Bear (Play group) 18 months – 24months
    Barney (Nursery 1) 02 years – 03 years
    Mickey (Nursery 2) 03 years – 04 years
    Reception (Nursery 3) 04 years – 05 years
    Year 1 05 years – 06 years
    Year 2 06 years – 07 years
    Year 3 07 years – 08 years
    Year 4 08 years – 09 years
    Year 5 09 years – 10 years
    Year 6 10 years – 11 years

3. On submission of the Application Form, the following documents must be attached:

    a. 2 recent passport photograph.
    b. 1 copy of birth certificate or the page in the child’s international passport on which the date of birth is recorded.
    c. A copy of the pupil’s academic report reflecting 2 years performance prior to the year of admission.

The primary section kicked off in September 2005 when we moved to our permanent site in the serene part of Rumuibekwe new layout. The school officially became a Nursery and Primary.

4. Whichever stage or class of application a child is required to undergo a school readiness test or assessment – whichever is appropriate at the particular point of entry.

5. Pass mark for test is set at 60% per subject.

Working in partnership with parents and children, we aim to develop the whole child, empowering them to be confident learners.

6. Methods of communicating the outcome of the admission application

    • Text messages
    • Email
    • A parent may collect the admission letter from the office.


Enrolment procedures are the steps to be taken to gain admission into the school. Admission is open all year round – subject to availability of space.

Step 1.
Collect/fill the enquiry form available from our admission office.

Step 2.
Acquire admission form. Hard copies are available from the admission office at the cost of N 10,000only.

Step 3.
Submission of the application form with the following document attached:
• 2 recent Passport Photographs
• 1 copy of birth certificate or the page in the child’s international passport on which the birth date is recorded.

Step 4.
- Arrange an individual visit to the school.
- Prospective parents will be interviewed by the Head of School or Head of Administration.
- Entrance tests will be scheduled for prospective pupils.

Step 5.
- The first instalment: (ENROLMENT FEE). This must be paid 7 (seven) days after receiving the offer letter or on or before date stated on the offer letter.
- The second instalment: (FACILITY, TUITION ETC). This must be paid on or before stated date on the bill.
- A welcome pack is given once the enrolment fee is paid.

Step 6.
Only Cedarwood school management reserve the right for admission.


1. Pupils exiting from Cedarwood School for one reason or the other and then wishing to return to Cedarwood School will be:
- Treated as fresh applicants
- Required to take the last full set of exams.

2. Should a parent request that the school hold a place for a child for any length of time the full school fees must be paid for the child for the period the place is being reserved.


1. There is no refund/reduction of tuition fee for absences from school.
2. Fees once paid will not be refunded.


- Parents will be required to fill a form at the end of every academic year (Term 3), indicating interest for their child/children to progress to the next class. Failure to complete or return the form at the required time may amount to losing the slot in the class.
- Resource fee is paid once in every academic year.