Every term pupils who have excelled in academics and pupils who have displayed exemplary behaviour are usually acknowledged and celebrated at Cedarwood School. This celebration is at the ACCOLADE ASSEMBLY.


A. TERMLY Academic

Honor roll

    This is for 80% and above in all examination subjects for KS1, and 80% and above in his/her total average score for KS2.

Subject best

    This is the highest score in certain subject from both arms of the class.

Overall best

    This is the best and highest score across both arms.

B. SESSIONAL Behavioural

    These categories of awards are presented once in every session to pupils who have shown progression and excellence in the following areas:

    This award is given to pupils who have constantly been the earliest arrivals in school throughout the academic session.


    This award is given to pupils who are constantly well groomed and neatly dressed in the correct school uniforms throughout the academic session.

Best Behaved

    This award is given to pupils who have exhibited exemplary and praiseworthy behaviour throughout the course of the academic session.

Academic Improvement

Most Improved

    This award is given to pupils who have recorded a visibly high level of improvement in their academic performance/grades during the course

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